With today’s technology, it is easy to think your data is being safely backed up and stored somewhere. Assuming it is, do you know how to recover your data in the event of disaster like a fire or flood? What about in the event of a cyber security attack like ransomware or CryptoLocker? How long will your business be put on hold without access to critical files and systems before you can continue daily operations? You’d be shocked to see the dollar amount of costs that result from systems being down and inaccessible.

Think your business can get by without a Backup Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place? Think again.

Here are some key points to help you understand the need for a proper BDR (backup disaster recovery) Plan:

  1. 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year
  2. 25% of production machines will have a failure this year
    • The older your equipment, the higher your risk
  3. 24% of companies say they have experienced a full data disaster
  4. Compliance regulations like HIPAA require backup, recovery, and continuity plans to be in place
  5. PCI Compliance and financial data responsibilities are becoming stricter
  6. Symnatec says CryptoLocker family accounts for 55% of all attacks
    • $400-$5,000+ to unlock your own files
    • 25-72 hour window to pay before your files remain encrypted and the key is destroyed
    • Millions of dollars lost beyond the cost of accessing your files

What are the costs of disasters?

  • Operations stop
  • Lost sales
  • Compliance penalties
  • Missed deadlines
  • Data loss
  • Potential litigation
  • Permanent damage to reputation

If most companies can provide BDR, what sets KPInterface apart?

Your data is being backed up, safely and securely, and stored off site. Almost every company can guarantee you that. But what most companies cannot provide is a device to restore all your data to in the case of a disaster: we do. We provide offsite replication to a backup server in case disaster affects your entire building and all technology stored within it. Not only that, KPI runs disaster recovery tests where we test restore all your data at a random point to see how efficient and effective a restore would be in real time.

What is your Recovery Time Objective?

  • How long will it take you to restore from a disaster?
  • Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days?
  • How much is that going to cost?
  • How much are you willing to pay employees while they cannot work due to system outage?
  • How much revenue will you lose by these employees being unable to work?
  • Want to know what the total cost to your business will be in the event of a disaster?

    Contact us today and we will run a Recovery Time Assessment to calculate the total cost to your business.

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