‘Very excited about a long term partnership that will keep us in the forefront technology-wise for years to come.’

“The biggest benefit of KPInterface, to date, has been the consistent, timely communication we receive from all KPI employees. Your company’s communication is a huge improvement over our former MSP. Not only are your response times quicker, they are also more substantial and informative. KPI provides almost immediate insight to what is happening with a ticket, as well as follow-up with us in the time frame promised. Our former IT partner would open a ticket quickly enough, but we always had to follow up ourselves when it came to substantive status updates, which is very frustrating when you are dealing with multiple tickets. The one thing that kept us “on the fence” was a slight increase in monthly costs; however, I now consider that “value-added”. It is true that “you get what you pay for”, and we are very pleased with what we’ve been getting so far.”

Leigh Diskin Aluminum Athletic Equipment
Royersford, PA

“The single biggest benefit of KPI is that I never have to worry about our information technology environment. In fact, I equate it to having a large, competent IT organization without having to manage utilization and/or pay for resources we don’t always need. Whether we require CIO-level strategic thinking, project management or helpdesk support, and whether we require that support for 3 hours per month or 30, the work gets done well and we only pay for what we use. This allows us to scale the support to the appropriate level as our company scales. KPI stands out because they don’t feel like outsourcing. When one of our employees picks up the phone or sends an email requesting support, it feels like they are contacting one of our colleagues, not an outside firm. KPI employees are always available and most importantly, make Fidato’s issues, their issues. If you are interested in spending more time on growing sales rather than managing information technology, KPI is an easy solution. If you are still on the fence, just do the simple math. You literally can hire KPI as the entire IT organization to support your business for less than the cost of hiring one person.”

John Rapchinski Fidato Partners
Wayne, PA

“KPInterface is an expert you can rely on. We have been with the company for about 15 years now, and they are everything we were looking for. KPI stands apart from the rest due to their reliability, expertise in the industry, availability, and professionalism. When we started with KPI, we were mainly working with PC’s, and as we moved to some Mac computers, KPI gained Mac expertise and was there to help us. We are currently in the process of moving all of our servers to a cloud-based system while also moving our physical office location, and KPI has been extremely helpful, hands on, and there to assist with anything we need. If you are in the market for a new IT firm, I would say absolutely you have to consider KPI.”

Scott Freedman Monitor For Hire
Conshohocken, PA

“If you want the best service, expertise and dedication in the IT industry, you have only one choice: KPInterface. The main benefit we have derived from being a KPI client has been the total confidence we have that if we require any assistance at all, whether it be quick solution to a problem, or the installation and maintenance of an extremely complex network server system, KPInterface has always immediately been there for us 100%. I've worked with numerous firms over my 40 years in the IT industry, and KPInterface has been, by far the best, in terms of professionalism, knowledge, response time, support and value; as well as the one-on-one personal touch. If that's not enough to convince you, and you require more assurance, speak to some of KPI's current clients about their experiences.”

Michael Hoffberg The Augustinians, Province of St. Thomas
Villanova, PA

“KPI doesn't put a temporary fix on a problem that needs a permanent solution. KPI takes the time and utilizes their team to look at the whole picture; they review, research and work to resolve the issue and get it right the first time. KPI uses a ticket system to track and resolve issues, which they do much better than other companies I've worked with. To someone looking for an IT company, I would definitely refer KPI. I trust their knowledge and value their approach.”

Kerrianne Brady McCarthy & Company, P.C.
Lafayette Hill, PA

“KPI provides a wide breadth of services that can be customized to fit our business needs. Since moving our company to KPInterface, our biggest benefit has been the consolidation of services. They have a systemic approach to help your company manage your business technology requirements including evaluating your infrastructure, software, cyber security, and overall technology needs. They then customize their services to fit your business and culture. They allow us to have the depth and knowledge base we could not support on our own. With all the changes in the technology market place we cannot keep up and be the expert in all areas so KPI bridges that gap. Their relationship and partnering skills stand out. They grow with us and we consider them a partner. If you are on the fence, just meet with the KPI team as their philosophy and business strategy will speak for itself.”

Paul Gannon Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

“KPI provides managed IT services that work in the background.  That’s the way they should work. Using KPI as our MSP has let us focus on plumbing and HVAC and not IT.  We have excellent network availability so there aren’t many disruptions, and everyone on the team is always ready to help us when problems arise.  Over Memorial Day weekend 2014, Comcast decided that we were using too many IP addresses and reassigned all of them on Saturday morning. We had been using these IP addresses for over 10 years! We had no connectivity. KPI worked the entire weekend and coordinated with Comcast and had the IP addresses back before Tuesday. They also had everything completely configured to the old set up and we experienced no loss in continuity on Tuesday when we returned to the office. Another example of great service support; we used to have our ERP software hosted on a server on site, and one day it crashed. The team helped us restore all of the data onto a new server and we lost very little time and information. Their team is ultra-responsive and helpful, and it’s like they’re a part of our own team.”

Chris Donnelly Donnelly’s Plumbing and Heating
Lansdale, PA

“KPInterface provides us with peace of mind. Knowing we have a trusted IT partner in today's world makes me sleep easier at night. I know that may sound hokey, but every company big or small is a target these days. One of KPI's best qualities is responsiveness. In today's world, everyone lays claim to that. KPI are in the group that actually deliver. If you go with KPI, you're going to get treated well. They are a true IT partner as opposed to just another vendor.”

Ramzi Kawar A.C. Miller Concrete Services, Inc.
Spring City, PA

“The biggest assets (there are more than one) of KPInterface are their people and the knowledge and speed they bring to the table when handling issues. KPI has a ticket system but will also handle phone calls to give you the personal touch and ensure that your requests are understood. Another is the solutions KPI provides when looking to upgrade systems and get you onto the leading edge (not bleeding edge) for IT for your business. KPI's staff is excellent. While others may have close to the same knowledge, the KPI staff wins the day, especially when dealing directly. Even though choosing an IT provider is a big decision and not to be taken lightly, I would say "Just Do It" with KPI! You will not be disappointed!”

Brian Shipley Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc
Philadelphia, PA

“KPInterface offers an incredibly personalized service and is willing to jump into conference calls or meeting with other 3rd parties to offer any support, knowledge, and guidance they can. The biggest benefit to us has been the help with navigating how we can best make our technology work for us in our individual roles and in the company as a whole. We have undergone a few different projects and KPI has been helpful in providing sound advice and technical knowledge in each endeavor. If you are on the fence about choosing an IT company, I can tell you that there will always be a less expensive option, but that there isn’t a better option than KPI.”

Taylor Ferry Robertson’s Flowers & Events
Wyndmoor, PA

"KPInterface stands out because of their polite service, the fact that there is always a person on the line, and that they are a small team committed to the solution. There may be moments when KPI cannot get a solution right away, but they always follow up via email and call back until there is a solution. If you're deciding on choosing KPI, do it- you'll always get a person, it's here in the US, and they will physically come to your business to assist in any way."

Lorie Odabashain ESF Camps, Inc.
Bryn Mawr, PA

“The biggest advantage of KPInterface is having an IT partner that understands our business and our priorities. KPI creates timely resolutions to critical issues, with clearly defined processes for service, quotes, and project requests. We have a point of contact person dedicated to our account. If you are in the market, take the time to meet with KPI and review your business model. Listen to their recommendations that they offer specific to your firm and compare that to other IT vendors. Do the others listen and understand your business as well as KPI?”

Doug Pusey Sterling Kitchen & Bath
Malvern, PA

“Why did we switch to KPInterface? Better service, better service model, more honest opinions, and better quality recommendations than our prior provider. We’ve been clients for five years, and have been satisfied with our choice.”

Joe Mullen Mid-Atlantic Construction, Inc
Blue Bell, PA

"KPInterface provides peace of mind that my systems are well maintained. They outmatch other companies because of their great customer service and overall responsiveness. If you are on the fence about choosing KPI, my advice to you would be contact Brian! Meet with the company and see what they can do for you."

Joseph Battaglini Battaglini & Co.
Berwyn, PA

“KPI allows us to have one resource for all our IT and VOIP phone needs. They have a team of IT professionals that can assist with multiple IT issues in a timely fashion. I am really happy with KPI as a vendor for our IT needs because they are friendly, efficient, and cost conscious to our business needs.”

Valerie Graf Molecular Imaging Technologies
Blue Bell, PA

“All our systems have been stabilized and a good system of maintenance and help are in place. Spam and security are no longer a problem with the products that are being used. The service is great. If our lead is not available there are others available to get help from. Sit down with the management and see what KPI can do for you. They are easy to talk to and work with.”

Stu Duckman Moving Targets
Perkasie, PA

“The single biggest benefit to our company since moving to KPInterface has been that all IT issues are addressed efficiently with minimal impact to our business. KPI has distinguished themselves from other providers by having broader knowledge and more efficient support. KPI will handle all your IT needs and if they do not have the expertise for a particular project or assignment they will provide a reliable recommended consultant to fit the bill.”

Brian McCree David Blackmore and Associates, Inc.
Pottstown, PA

“KPI handles all of our Hardware and software needs, and is a one stop consulting for all of our IT. KPI has learned our agency management systems so they can assist with integration of typical applications and also trouble shoot for us across all systems. They are a true CIO. KPI is hands on and provides big picture help with IT strategy and budgeting. They are proactive with IT needs.”

“The best thing about KPI is the incredibly prompt service we receive! I love how their people become part of our internal team. The only thing that differentiates them from being one of our employees is the name on their paycheck. You can't go wrong with choosing KPInterface as your IT partner.”

Steven Odell and Brett Studner The Odell Studner Group, LLC
King of Prussia, PA